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Let's get to know me!

I wanted to better introduce myself to all you new friends! I’m Alaa Yassin but my favourites call me Luli! That’s basically the short answer to “what does your business name mean?”. It’s basically my aka and it’s as simple as that. Luli is me. And me is what you get, any time you follow us, hire us or read our blog! And for that the name is Luli Interiors.

So who am I really?

I’m that girl who was always on the path to interior design but always taking a detour for one reason or another. It all really started with my very first job at TJX, you know the company that owns the retailer most Canadians shop for home accessories at, HomeSense. And HomeGoods for Americans!

Shortly after I earned a Master of Arts in Journalism and then for 2 years I had a super cool job! I would interview interior designers for a number of magazines while touring luxury homes in the Georgian Bay area. I truly found my passion out of this role and decided to pursue design further. I went back to Sheridan College to study interior decorating and got accredited by the Decorators and Designers Association of Canada (DDA).

I really began my design journey staging homes with a reputable stager in my area. But staging alone was not for me. I craved the relationships that come out of every decorating project. I wanted to know my clients before I know their homes. So today I finally get to enjoy doing what I love most. I get to help busy professionals and families love every part of their spaces.

If you want to know more about me and/or the work we do, follow our social accounts! And if you’re interested in our free design tips and tricks make sure to sign up for our mailing list. I hate junk mail, so I promise I won’t bore you - only the good stuff coming your way!

Talk soon!


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