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Every space we design unfolds a unique narrative. My journey to the interior design industry started with a journalistic background. After earning a Masters in Journalism, I interviewed well-known designers and wrote for home and lifestyle magazines in the beautiful Muskoka & Georgian Bay area, Toronto's cottage country.


Wanting to pursue my passion for design further, I decided to combine my storytelling skills with further design education. This is when I discovered a unique approach to creating spaces that convey compelling stories and evoke emotions. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to authenticity, our team curates purposeful designs that stand the test of time. We prefer focusing on natural materials that highlight artisanal craftsmanship. I believe each project is a reflection of a story waiting to be told.


As a team, we are known for our quick ability to capture our clients' preferences and expectations. We follow a streamlined process to elevate both residential and small commercial spaces. Take a look at our previous work and let's have a discovery call about your project. 

- Luli

award winner interior designers

Emerging Professional

interior desig

We're honoured to have been selected for the Silver prize by the Decorators & Designers

Association of Canada (DDA)

Emerging Professional in 2021.

interior designers
award winner interior designer
 interior designer oakville

Best Kitchens Under 50K

 interior stylist oakville

We're honoured to have been selected for the Bronze prize by the Decorators & Designers

Association of Canada (DDA)

Best Kitchens under 50K in 2020.

 interior designer oakville, ON
award winner interior designer oakville
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"Alaa’s extremely professional, very personable, and was a lot of fun to work with! Through the initial consultation, she was able to hone in on our design styles and made really great suggestions, and even introduced us to various ideas and things we’d never considered."

Sara, Project Lakeshore


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