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How to Get Your Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps

Creating a statement gallery wall in your space can seem challenging at first. But there are some key tips to keep in mind for a no-fail attempt at creating this feature wall in any room.

Adding a gallery wall to our Project Lakeshore really made the space. Not only was it quite the statement but it also helped tie in all the colours together and give a reason for the wall being that bold blue.

Here are the key tips that you’ll need to keep in mind while planning your gallery wall:

1: Decide on your cohesive colour palette.

Think about the colours already existing in the space that you cannot change like tile, wood flooring, other wall paint colours. Make sure your palette will flow well with these existing colours. If you’re starting from scratch, think about colours that you gravitate towards. What colours are in the photos or art that you want to add to these frames? Select up to 3 colours for your palette within the same tones and intensity.

2: Set the overall area to be used for your gallery frames.

Using painters tape is probably the easiest and fastest way to do this. Mark your overall gallery area. Basically you’re creating a border or guideline of where all your frames will hang. This can really help you transfer your plan to the wall fairly quickly.

3: Start with the largest frames first.

Lay your frames on the floor (or large table) and plan it out there first. Start with the largest frames and use your smaller ones to surround the outside while staying within your overall border measurement.

4: Keep visually equal spaces between frames even if the layout is not uniform.

This tip is super important as it helps your gallery wall to be easy on the eyes and visually appealing. If there’s furniture below your gallery wall leave about 6” at the bottom of your overall gallery wall guidelines. If it’s the back of a sofa you may need to break that rule and add a little more for head space. If someone was to lean their head back you don’t want them bumping into your frames, do you?

5: Mix up frame sizes and colour.

For Project Lakeshore we mixed gold and silver frames for a more bold and fabulous look. We love how it turned out. Our best and simplest tip for this is don’t be afraid to experiment with different frames and return those that you don’t end up using.

6: Make it you!

Probably the most important one to keep in mind. Decorating your space is all about making it functional for your lifestyle and appealing to your taste. Let your gallery wall be about things that bring you joy, whether it’s a collage of your favourite travel moments or artwork you admire - make it for you and about you!

Hope this makes your next gallery wall project a little easier to tackle. Give it a try and don’t forget to tag us @interiorsbyluli so we can see your amazing results. If you love these tips follow for more to come!

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